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Valencia Neighbourhood Guide : L’Eixample

Mercat Colón Valencia
Mercado Colón - Photo de Juanmi

Valencia is Spain’s third largest metropolitan area, with a population ranging from 1.7 to 2.5 million depending on how the metropolitan area is defined (Camp del Turia, Horta Oeste, Horta Nort, Horta Sur…).

The city is home to around around 800.000 inhabitants, all in which reside within 19 districts and 87 different boroughs of Valencia.

Today, a little trip in one of the district of Valencia : L’Eixample is divided into 3 boroughs : Russafa, Gran Vía et Pla del Remei .

Before deciding on a particular borough, you must first decide what kind of amenities are most important for you when moving to Valencia. Do you want to rent an apartment in Valencia in a busier area with much going on and many things to do within walking distance or would you prefer a more quiet residential neighborhood ?

Each location offers many amenities including shopping, dining, nightlife and more. Each borough has it’s own feel and character.

Russafa :

Russafa (or Ruzafa, in Castilian) is one of the neighbourhood of the Eixample district. It is located in the south of the district of Ciutat Vella, not far from the borough of San Francesc. Russafa is one of the historic neighbourhoods of Valencia. Formerly a working-class neighborhood., today with renovations projects it is currently one of the sought-after neighbourhood of Valencia (Gentrification.). You can found a rich historical and cultural heritage: the church of San Valero, the Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles convent, the bullring, or the Ruzafa municipal market. The area is well connected by public transport (bus) and by the metro with the Xàtiva station .

Benefits : Very lively and multicultural neighborhood (Calle Sueca, Cuba, Puerto Rico)  a stone’s throw from the center. There are many shops, markets, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, terraces. A trendy neighborhood.

Drawbacks : Not the cleanest neighborhood, few green areas or schools. Rare parking spaces. Difficult to find a rental under 500 €, but the offer is varied. Noisy and animated on weekends.

Les arènes de Valencia
Bullring of Valencia

La Gran Vía :

The borough of Gran Via belongs to the district of L’Eixample. It is located to the northeast of the district of Russafa. It owes its name to its proximity to the Gran Vía del Marques del Turia. The neighborhood was built following the destruction of the walls of Valencia in 1868. There are many private colleges, luxury residences. It is a chic and high class neighborhood. It is very well connected, both by bus and by metro (Xàtiva and Colón).

Benefits : Quiet area, very well located not far from the center and the gardens of Turia. There are many shops, markets, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, terraces. A perfect neighborhood if you have a good income. The apartments are relatively large.

Drawbacks : Difficult to park there. Difficult to find a rent for less than 700 €.

Pla del remei :

El Pla del Remei is the last borough in the district of L’Eixample. It is located between the borough of Gran Via in the south, and those of San Francesc and the Xerea in the north. Like the Gran Via quarter, it was built following the demolition of the old walls of Valencia in 1868. The emblematic building of the neighborhood is the famous Colón Market, a large covered market. There is plenty of public transport, including metro stations Colón, Alameda and Xativa. A chic neighborhood, as Gran Via.

Benefits : Very well located, close to the city center and the Turia. A quiet and safe area. The Mercado Colón.

Drawbacks : Difficult to park there. Quality apartments are large, but expensive. Difficult to find a rent for less than 700 €.

Mercado Colón Valencia
Mercado Colón Valencia

The next neighborhood you will discover is Extramurs : El Botanic, Arrancapins, la Petxina et la Roqueta.

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