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How to get the NIE in Valencia

Les démarches pour s'expatrier en Espagne

Do I need a NIE? What is the difference between a resident and non-resident NIE? How to get the resident card? What documents do I need to provide? When browsing the different forums, blogs, facebook group, on the web, it is possible to get 50 different answers to the same question. So it becomes difficult to differentiate between personal experience and formal proceedings.

Before going into the details of the steps to be taken, I think it is worth recalling some common sense advices :

  1. If you want a reliable, accurate and up-to-date answer, the first thing to do is to visit the OFFICIAL website.
  2. A testimony on a forum remains a testimony. So taking what they say as the gospel truth isn’t always a good idea. Every situation is different. It is vain to want to extrapolate from a vague testimony  to find the solution to your problem. Just because you do not need a document in Catalonia, you do not need to provide such documents for you in Valencia.
  3. Everyone can be wrong. You or the Administrative Agent. I therefore advise you to print the page of the site OFFICIAL, before going to make your steps. You will start on an equal footing with the administrative agent and this page will serve as a checklist.
  4. It is better to be accompanied by a professional if you want to save time and be more peaceful.

From now on, the content of the article is based on, and only on, the recommendations of the OFFICIAL site.

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)

First and foremost, the NIE is a unique and personal number, it is essential to open a bank account, declare your taxes, open a phone line, buy a car, rent or buy a house, and other similar procedures.

Second important thing: You can have a NIE without being a resident. The reverse is not possible.

Third important thing: The « NIE resident » does not exist. There is the NIE and the Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union.

From November 16, 2015, to obtain a NIE in Valencia, it is obligatory to make an appointment by going to this site.

To obtain the NIE you must fulfill 3 conditions:

  • Not to be in an irregular situation in Spain
  • The application is solicited for economic, professional or social reasons.
  • Explain why we want to get the NIE.

From there, print or request form EX15 and check the box NIE (4.1 on the form)

In addition to this form, correctly completed and signed. Some documents and details need to be provided :

  • A copy of the passport or identity card (if you are a member of the EU)
  • Indicate the reason that you want a NIE (open a bank account, rent an apartment, etc.)
  • Fill out and print the form Tasa Modelo 790-12 (Please go to, then Impreso Tasa Modelo 790-12). You have to fill out one form per person (the barcode is different).

So you don’t need to take lease agreement, empadronamiento, photo or other exotic documents.

Then you will have to pay a modest fee  (9€74) and you will get your NIE.

Previously, the document submitted was only valid for 3 months (as an attestation), although the NIE number is final. Henceforth, there is no longer a lapse date on the document.

Warning! With this same form one can obtain a « certificate of residence » or « a certificate of non-residence ». These certificates are used to certify that you are a resident or a non-resident. For example, when you want to open a bank account, you may be asked to sign a certificate. It’s just an attestation, nothing more.

It should not be confused with the « Certificado de registro de la ciudadano de la Unión ».

Green Resident Card (formerly TIE)

Since 2007, the Certificado de Registro of Ciudadano de la Union is no longer in plastic credit card format, with photo, NIE number, address.

Henceforth it is either a simple A4 green sheet or a small ID card.

It is only a proof of residence, it has no value to prove your identity. This is why you will always be asked for your passport, identity card, if you present only your green paper or your small unplasticized card.

Therefore, as a European citizen, you are absolutely not obliged to have your Certificado de Registro with you at all times. Your ID is enough.

If you are not a EU citizen, you still have the possibility of obtaining a TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) via form EX17.

The Certificado de registro de ciudadano de la Union

First important thing: if you want to stay in Spain more than 3 months, this document is mandatory. Otherwise your passport is enough.

Second important thing: Form EX18 exempts from applying for a NIE (Form EX15)

Third important thing: It is proof of residence.

To obtain the Certificado, you must fulfill certain conditions:

  • Be a citizen of an EU Member State or assimilated (Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland), or a family member of a European citizen.
  • Have a paid job in Spain or,
  • Self-employed in Spain or,
  • Being a student in Spain,
  • Have sufficient income to support themselves and their families, and therefore not be a burden for Spanish social assistance during the stay.
  • Have private or public health insurance

You must then complete form EX18 and check the box: temporary residence.

In addition to this correctly completed and signed form, it is necessary to provide some documents:

  • Passport or identity card (if you are a citizen of the EU) in full force and effect.
  • If you are an employee: Certificate of employment provided by the employer, or the employment contract duly registered with the Public Employment Service, or the document attesting to your registration with the Spanish Social Security as an employee.
  • If you are self-employed: Proof of enrollment in the Censo de Actividades Economicas, or proof of enrollment in the Registro Mercantil, or the document attesting to your registration with the Spanish Social Security as an independent.
  • If you do not work: Proof of having a private or public health insurance and any document proving that you have sufficient income sources to support yourself and your family (title deed, certified check, credit card with certification Banking)
  • If you are a student: Proof of enrollment in a school, proof of private or public health insurance, and a responsible statement that you can afford to support yourself and your family.
  • If you are a member of the family of a European citizen: Proof that you are a member of the family of a European citizen, proof that you are economically dependent, proof that the European citizen is working, Sufficient income sources for its needs.
  • Empadronamiento.

Regarding the sufficient income sources to support yourself and your family:

The assessment of the adequacy of financial resources will be made on an individual basis and, in any event, taking into account the personal and family circumstances of the applicant. Accreditation sufficient to satisfy this resource requirement must be higher than the amount set by law each year in the state budget to generate the right to receive a non-contributory benefit to be considered.

Either, if one refers to the amount of the non-contributory pension 2016:
– Single person € 1,150.60 per year.
– 2 people 8756,02 €
– 3 people 12361,44 €
– 4 people 15966,86 €

References :
Http:// … residencia
Http:// … o / fpnc.pdf

As an individual, I recommend that you apply for NIE, before you do the Certificado de Registro. Certainly, this involves taking a step further, but this leaves you time to collect the necessary documents to obtain the Certificado de Registro.

Obviously if you already have all the necessary documents, you can directly request a Certificado de Registro. In this case, a NIE number will be provided at the same time as your certificate.

Warning ! This form is also used to obtain the « Certificado de residencia permanente », by checking the appropriate box.

The certificate of permanent residencia

You can apply for this certificate if you have fulfilled certain conditions:

  • You have been legally resident in Spain for a continuous period of 5 years, ie: have worked, studied in Spain or have had the resources to live there for 5 years.
  • Worker at pensionable age who has been employed in Spain for 12 months and Spain for 3 years.
  • Worker at retirement age who is in receipt of a pension and who has been working in Spain for 12 months and whose spouse or equivalent is a Spanish national.
  • Worker at retirement age who is in receipt of a pension and who has been working in Spain for 12 months whose spouse or assimilated person has lost Spanish nationality through marriage / declaration.
  • Worker in early retirement who worked in Spain for 12 months and resided in Spain for 3 years.
  • Early retirement worker who has worked in Spain for 12 months and whose spouse or equivalent is a Spanish national.
  • Early retirement worker who has been active in Spain for 12 months and whose spouse or
  • Nationality by marriage / declaration.
  • Worker with a permanent disability who has resided in Spain for more than 2 consecutive years.
  • Worker with a permanent disability as a result of an industrial accident or occupational disease.
  • Worker who is permanently incapacitated and whose spouse or equivalent is of Spanish nationality.
  • Worker who has a permanent disability and whose spouse or assimilated person has lost Spanish nationality through marriage
  • Worker who, after 3 consecutive years of activity and residence in Spain, carries on business in another Member State while retaining his residence in Spain.

If this is your case, you must complete Form EX18 and check the box: Permanent Residence.
It will then be necessary to provide, as usual, the usual documents:

On some forums or on the internet, you will see the mention of residence card. These sites are no longer up to date and mislead you. The only residence card that remains is the « Tarjeta de residencia de la ciudadano de la Unión ». It may be permanent or not. It does not concern the citizens of the EU at all.

Tarjeta de residencia of the ciudadano de la Unión

If you accompany a European citizen in Spain as a member of the family in the course of his or her work, studies or otherwise, and you are not a European citizen, then you must use Form EX19.

The required documents must be provided:

  • Passport or valid ID card.
  • Evidence that you are a member of the European citizen’s family.
  • The Certificado de Registro of this same European citizen, or the DNI if it is Spanish.
  • Documents attesting to the situation: whether he is working, studying or possessing the necessary resources. So the same documents provided to get the Certificado de Registro.
  • 3 identity photographs, in color, on a white background, in short standards.

This card is valid for 5 years.

After 5 years and under certain conditions, one can ask the Tarjeta de residencia permanente de familiar. This one is valid for 10 years.

Concerning the certificate of empadronamiento, this document is obtained to the town hall (ayuntamiento) and it’s a proof of your domicile. It is always good to have it with you.

Depending on whether you are a European citizen or not, you should not go to the same place in Valencia to obtain these documents:

    • If you are a member of an EU country: Calle Bailen, 9, Valencia.
  • If you are not a member of an EU country: Motilla del Palancar 23 Bj / Carrer de la Diputada Campoamor 12.

Normally reading this article will allow you to settle easily. However, if you wish to travel with confidence, I can accompany you in your efforts.

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  • Hi, just a note that may be helpful. You can pay your NIE fee at the CajaMar bank ATM using your Passport as ID. It is a really efficient system available 24/7.

  • I have a question. I have a white NIE document with no date on it, which I received in december 2016. Some people say I need to renew it. Would I need to renew this document from your experience??